How does the Banking & Finance Crisis affect your Career?

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Wow… the hits keep on coming for an industry that I used to be so proud to be part of. I loved my corporate roles in Banking & Finance and it used to be part of my career highlights and something I’d showcase proudly. Now…unfortunately I don’t.

I’ve had company brand and ‘bad’ industry reputation and company cultures impact my career. Despite my own and my teams award winning work and results, it devalued everything. We had poured our hearts, minds and souls into our work and the company. The hours and effort had been huge and the value of it all plummeted, big time. I was trying to get a job in the Global Financial Crisis, with my last industry sector being banking…enough said. I have experienced the brand and career damage professionally and personally. I relate to where those in the Banking and Finance industry are at.

We are seeing major destruction of value in some of our largest businesses and employers in Australia.  With headlines such as:

- ‘Roast them on a spit’

- ‘Culture of careless disregard for customers, clients and corporate regulators are signs of a sector in need of rescue from itself’

- ‘Bad culture – like instituting incentive schemes that reward fraud and dishonesty, or lying to a regulator’

- ‘Banking encourages cheating’

- The problems throughout the sector are ‘systematic and unconscionable’

These were once supposedly the safe places to go for our financial stability, security, trust and great corporate careers.

The Banking & Finance Crisis affects your Career (and all of us unfortunately).

The impact is about to get even more personal. We’ve seen the impact on the careers of Board members and CEO’s and it’s about to hit the next levels down - Senior and Middle Management - the Directors, Heads of, Senior Managers and Managers. They have been in a business in a time of major destruction of value which also means a major destruction of their personal brand reputation and value.

The ‘Who do you work for?’ question at the function or BBQ is even more uncomfortable. Even if you skip to avoid the company name, then the Banking and Finance industry will spark a whole catchup’s worth of conversation that affects you.

The reputation of the company you work for impacts you. A strong, valued company reputation increases your value and a weak, devalued company reputation reduces your value. Simple as that. The reputation damage has already impacted you. Recruiters and headhunters already find it more difficult to ‘sell’ you into a new role.

If you are not in the Banking and Finance industry, sadly this crisis it’s still going to impact you. The mass redundancies that were already planned are going occur and it is expected the numbers will increase now. We will have thousands of executives, directors, managers looking for new jobs and new careers. As we know, the employment rate is very sensitive to both supply and demand. We will have more supply of senior executive and middle managers and not enough jobs. That means it’s about to get a whole lot tougher and much more competitive to get your new job in whatever field.


1 – Don’t take ‘I’ll wait till it blows over’ approach – be proactive about insuring your career. Don’t conform to the ‘widespread complacency’. It’s not going to blow over. The impact on your career won’t. It’s on your CV for your lifetime. Your LinkedIn. All your colleagues and the market know you work (and worked) there. For some it’s the majority of their career.

2 – Take stock of your Personal Professional Brand and how it is helping you achieve your career goals. How was it valued a year ago? How is it valued now? It’s reality - those with banking and finance in their career, and particularly organisations involved in the Banking Royal Commission, will now find it harder to get the job, promotion and/or career moves they wanted.

3 – What is your answer to ‘Were you involved in the scandal?’ ‘What did you do about the culture that was prevalent?’, ‘How did you live the values the company said it has?’, ‘Why did you stay?’

4 – Check in & Build your Career Plan - does your career path feel authentic and aligned for you? What is your career plan for ‘what’s next?’ and beyond?

5 - Become a Corporate Creator – Join the movement for Positive Change

I know it is difficult to change in corporate organisations and sometimes it can feel as if you are alone in making change.

I care about the Banking and Finance industry. I want to love it again. I am fortunate to work with positive leaders of change in the industry but we need many, many more.

Over a year ago, I founded the Founders + Creators movement, whereby corporate professionals and business owners come together, connect, have authentic, real conversations and make real change. The entrepreneurs learn from the corporates and vice versa and become intrapreneurs for innovation, and change.

They Create. They Innovate. They Collaborate. They build, transform and accelerate. They Empower not Overpower. They are Smart, Strong + Supportive. They want more. They want to make their highest impact + to be of their highest value. They want to unlock their purpose + potential, amplify their impact + superpower their careers even further.

Let’s step up to have the real conversations and into your unique, valuable power in career and business. It’s not easy but it’s doable. We can do this. Join us. Let’s create corporates and careers that we are all proud of.

You need to invest and to do the work now if you want your purpose to align with your career and to maximise its value.

You need career insurance and you need to get it now.
What will you do to insure and advance your career? 

I invite you to join us to Found + Create positive change and your positive career!

Click here to join us for my special Corporate Creators Cocktails with Kellie Vivid event in Sydney on 29 May.



Kellie Tomney is a career mentor, speaker and facilitator. She is a Thought Leader in:

* Superpowering your career

* Superpowering your business

* Founding + Creating the business and career you want

* Creating + living your superpowered personal brand

* Unlocking your purpose and amplifying your impact

She works with corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. She helps people discover their unique superpowers, builds their confidence, impact and value! She works with you to create the career or business plan and strategies to found + create your successful + sustainable career and business whilst being true to yourself.

Kellie is an award winning corporate executive who founded her own business 8 + years ago. She founded STAND OUT, Founders + Creators™ and Founding Females™ methodologies. She thrives in sharing the lived professional + personal strategies for creating the superpowered career and business you love. Read more and to work together here: and contact me at

Coffee with Kellie + Lores Giglio, LSG Creative – Part 2


Coffee with Kellie + Lores Giglio, LSG Creative – Part 2

Last week I introduced you to my 'Coffee with Kellie' guest, the super talented and creative Lores Giglio.

I have loved working alongside Lores as she makes the huge next step in career, business and life. If you tuned in last week you would have heard this super talented and creative lady is going GLOBAL. I couldn’t be happier for her!!

This week Lores talks about how she is bringing her dream to life – incorporating lifestyle and passion into her business (and this is a woman who confesses she hates change!!)

This Coffee with Kellie is going to have you ready to pack your bags and head to Ibiza with her!! Enjoy.

 K x


Coffee with Kellie - Lores Giglio, LSG Creative

Coffee with Kellie - Lores Giglio, LSG Creative

I am excited to introduce this week’s Coffee with Kellie guest, the super talented and creative Lores Giglio.


Lores and I met at a Telstra Business Women's Awards night and clicked immediately. We have been working together on superpowering her business and life ever since. 


She is amazing but, like us all, can get a bit lost working out the right business strategy and model to fit with the changes in her life. We needed a model that enabled her enjoy her young family as well as maximising her business.


Well we've managed the business change and she is going GLOBAL. Lores is taking her family to Ibiza and her business to the next level! I couldn’t be happier for her having been alongside her as she made this huge next step in career, business and life.


Grab yourself a cuppa, click on the image above (or here) and listen to Lores share her story in this week’s Coffee with Kellie.




K x


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Do We Still Need International Women’s Day? Your 8 Impactful Tips for Meaningful Progress in 2018

Do We Still Need International Women’s Day? Your 8 Impactful Tips for Meaningful Progress in 2018

In the year of #PressforProgress, what progress have we actually made and where are the biggest areas to make meaningful progress by next International Women’s Day?

Let’s keep in mind the definition of Progress: “to continue to develop and move forward, to get on with, to give your time to something and make progress with it, to get ahead, to be more successful, to progress more quickly than other people, to forge ahead, to outpace, to get along, to advance.”

According to Gallup, we have 75% of people are not happy with their job, 2017. A very large percentage of these are women. We are wasting talent, potential, passion, time and profits.

We still have fewer women in leadership. We need more women in the powerhouses of corporations and businesses and maximizing their full potential in their careers.  While we are seeing some pay gaps starting to close, there are still large pay gaps amongst top tier managers, so there is still work to do and progress to be made.

In some cultures, gender can be a matter of life and death and locally we have many serious issues. Even in our privileged society (it is not perfect but it is well ahead of access in other countries) where we are trying to work toward a society where we are judged by ability to do the job, we have instance after instance pulling women back.  We’ve seen it in quite publically recently in politics, but I see it so often in my work with corporates and businesses. Unfortunately it is women against women as well - and sometimes even more so, than with men. What’s more, I know from those I mentor, that it’s much more hurtful and it cuts even deeper when it’s women against women from other women.

We have a lot more work to do for all to be equally successful, sustainable and for all to feel like they can actually be true to themselves in their workplace. So yes, we need to keep IWD to keep mindful of supporting other women - to stop and pause, to keep the focus, and to check whether in fact are we making meaningful progress globally and in our own businesses and careers.

What can you do to Press for Progress? Let’s make meaningful progress before next year

1. Support other women

It is up to us. Support the best in other women and in the best in men. Noni Hazlehurst summed up our year brilliantly in last weekend’s edition of ‘Stellar’, “It’s never been more obvious that we can’t trust those in power to look after us, so we have to look after each other”. When you don’t see the best in other women, start to inquire into why and the full story with respect. What will you do to support other women in the next year?

2. Think through your views

Yes, it is complex. Yes, it is a difficult issue. Be prepared for the conversations. We can’t just ignore it. We have the opportunity to have really respectful conversations with such high profile issues. There is a lot of genuine grappling with what is really going on and how we can all do better. Brilliantly this has been with amazing men and women.

Conversations are happening everywhere from the corporate office, your team meetings, and even at your Sunday lunch! Just last weekend I was at a lunch amongst  a VP of one our most prestigious universities, CEOs and Senior Executives, where the prickly topics of equality and consent were on the table with our meat and salads. A brilliant opportunity for us all to be curious, to understand more of the full picture and to each of us do something differently to make progress from where we are currently. There are issues as a community we clearly can’t ignore anymore.

Some questions to work through your views and position:

-        Are you a feminist?

-        What does it mean to you?

-        What have been your experiences?

-        What have been the experiences of your female colleagues? Friends?

-        What are the obstacles around you in advancing your career and business goals?

-        What are your views on supporting other women?

-        What have you done recently, and significantly, to leave no woman behind?

3. Act on it

Own your power. Start somewhere! You can not build a reputation on what you say you will do. We’ve had an increase in the talk which is great, now we all need to take action.

4. Encourage the best of women and of men

We need women and men in their unique superpowers. Be confident in yourself and your full identity (both the feminine and masculine strengths). I am not saying this is easy, but I know, and I have experience, this can be done. 

5. Find your unique strengths and bring them to the table actively and authentically

6. Limitless - Don’t put a ceiling on yourself or others

As women, we can tend to judge other women even more harshly. Be aware of your judgements of yourself and other women, watch your behaviour and limit less.

7. Strengthen your career and/or business plan

We need women in positions of power, not just leaving to start their own business. We are seeing record levels of women starting their own businesses but many failing.

8. Step into your power zone

How you live your life matters, to you and to all the women and men around you.

So, do we still need International Women’s Day? Yes, we do.

Let’s stop and pause, enjoy the day to come together, review the facts, reflect on the progress and commit to what we can do - collectively, individuals and with men.

How do you start the real change? What will you do differently in the year ahead? I know these actions can be difficult AND empowering to work you want to work through it together?

I invite you to step into your power zone and leave no woman behind. We have 364 days for some meaningful progress until the next one.

If you want to work 1:1 together on this, join us at a workshop, or have me come to speak to your organisation, please connect and let’s make meaningful progress happen for you and women and business around you. Enough talk, let's get meaningful results. 


Happy International Women's Day! Thank you to all the women (and super supportive men!) for making progress in the last year and for stepping up to have the real conversations and into their unique, valuable superpowers in business and career!



Kellie Tomney is a keynote speaker, mentor and facilitator in personal branding for maximum career and business success and impact.  She is a Thought Leader in: 

  • Superpowering your career
  • Superpowering your business
  • Founding + Creating the business and career you want
  • Creating + living your superpowered personal brand

She works with corporate executives and business owners on ‘what’s next?’, ‘what now?’. She helps people discover their unique superpowers, builds their confidence, impact and value! She works with you to create the business or career plan and the ‘what’s next’ strategies to found + create your successful + sustainable business and career whilst being true to yourself.

Kellie is an award winning corporate executive who founded her own business 8 + years ago. She founded STAND OUT, Founders + Creators™ and Founding Females™ methodologies. She thrives in sharing the lived personal + professional strategies for creating a superpowered business and career you love.

Read more and to work together here: