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I am a powerful and purposeful thought leader and the founder of STAND OUT Advantage, now KellieTomney.com. I am renowned for my power to guide and amplify organisation’s successful, sustainable, purposeful growth, futureproofing it’s profitability, engagement and market positioning.  For leaders and professionals, I coach and mentor them to achieve their authentic, aligned and futureproofed careers amongst the challenges of ever-changing business and the future of work. With an award-winning corporate career, extensive experience and boundless drive, I empower individuals, leaders and corporations to stretch and power careers and businesses for growth and transformation. As a dynamic keynote speaker, my presentations have been described as inspiring, thought-provoking journeys which challenge the status quo and inspire fresh thinking. As a professional mentor, I am known as having a “special gift for bringing the best out of people”, helping individuals, leaders and organisations to unlock their authentic, fulfilled and limitless versions which they may have doubted possible. 



Become an Employer of Choice and Diversify Your Leadership 

Now more than ever organisations need to attract, grow and retain the best leaders and professional women. Organisations need to meet diversity targets and support their emerging female leaders. It is crucial to diversify your leadership team, attract female employees and prepare your leaders for ever-changing impacts from industry disruption. I provide bespoke company initiatives around executive coaching, workshops and leadership branding to help win the war for talent, develop female leaders, correct gender imbalance and gain true cognitive diversity for greater performance and innovation. Not only are companies that actively support female leadership development more likely to attract talented females and improve their employer brand, many research studies (consolidated here by Professor Robert Wood, Centre for Ethical Leadership, Melbourne Business School), have proven companies with more women in executive management have been shown to financially outperform companies that have no women in senior roles. These many truth bombs highlight the importance of empowering women and encouraging their career development into senior leadership positions. By working with leaders and female executives within your company, I help implement actionable frameworks that inspires innovative thinking and unlocks their true potential. Creating invaluable leaders ready to tackle the ever-changing industry and market. By developing leadership as a whole, strong female leaders and diverse emerging leaders, businesses are tapping into the largest growth market in the world – women. 


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Become Your Authentic, Limitless Self and Achieve a Fulfilling Career

Do you want to amplify your career impact, personal brand and value in the workplace? Are you a female corporate professional feeling under-leveraged or unfulfilled at work and struggling to progress with your career goals? For many women in the corporate sector, particularly in finance, banking, professional services and legal, your authentic self can become stuck as you attempt to fit “the mould”. With extensive experience in the corporate world, I have witnessed firsthand the struggle that women in finance and other professions endure, be it slow or no progression due to a glass ceiling, delayed promotions and pay-rises, or an unfulfilling, lifeless career. As we spend most of our lives at work, it’s so important we find our careers rewarding and aligned with our own personal values and goals. I am a renowned professional mentor who empowers you to unlock your whole self, amplify your career impact, increase financial rewards and helps you to achieve a better career fit within 12 months. You will build confidence, create sustainable work-life integration, develop your personal brand and discover a more rewarding and limitless career that you may have only dreamt about. Through encouraging your authentic self to flourish, I help you to create the most direct and fulfilling path to your career destination and beyond. 


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