I am a growth amplifier; I live it myself. I ILLUMINATE NEW PATHS AND ACTIVATE fULL POTENTIAL. I see it everyday with individual and corporate clients.

It isn’t just a business and a career for me, it’s my calling.



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Some things we may connect on:

I grew up on a farm in South Australia, where the space is wider and the stars are brighter and I had the freedom to dream about what I would be when I grew up. (I’ve learnt there truly are limitless possibilities, though I could have felt limited back then).

I built an award-winning corporate career in HR, Leadership & Transformation, I founded my own consulting business during the GFC.

I am driven by a passion to share my knowledge and life-changing lessons, aspiring to guide others to live their authentic lives and achieve their most-rewarding careers. It’s for this reason, I am the first woman to bring Personal and Leadership Branding to leaders and corporate women and to leverage Employer Branding to create Employers of Choice.

Along with being a nominee for Telstra Business Woman of the Year multiple times, I am recognised as achieving market-leading results for individuals and businesses. I am a sought-after Thought Leader in FUTUREPROOFING Leaders and Organisations, and as an author, my upcoming books illuminate what focuses Leaders and Businesses to be FUTUREPROOFING their growth.

Fast-tracking you to achieve your career dreams and unlocking LIMITLESS growth in leaders and organisations isn’t just my career, it’s my calling.

I come alive working with corporate women and very cool men who want to lead authentic, fulfilled, limitless careers, businesses, and lives. I share my work with shapers, creators, leaders and founders where we insightfully and practically create the future of work and ‘positive sum workplaces’ that unlocks the unique talent of whole and everyone can bring their innovative, limitless, whole self to work.

I thrive on connection. I founded the Founders + CreatorsⓇ movement that brings together business founders and corporate creators to connect, learn and support each other and lift us all up to achieve our goals and purpose. I believe the entrepreneurial mindset benefits corporates and the corporate mindset benefits entrepreneurs. We are better together.

Some extras about me…

I survive on COFFEE

I can't start the day without Coffee. If or when we work together there will be a lot of this golden nectar and to give you a head start, I'm a Skim Latte woman.

I thrive on LOVE

I LOVE water and the ocean, new experiences (always planning the next holiday), modern design, new restaurants, learning, fresh flowers, 'fun captain' dates, modern style, fashion + finding unique buys overseas, loving + peaceful home, just being with you my partner in life Garie/G family & friends over a vino and a real whole body & soul laugh.


When we seek it, when we speak it, when we embrace, lead and live by it,

all kinds of limits are lifted.

Now tell me something about YOU. I'd love to hear more about your LIMITLESS story so far…



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