A little about me...

I love pioneering new thinking + bringing it to business, some of this has resulted in me being the first woman in Australia to successfully implement Employer Branding into organisations.

I work with both large scale organisations and small to medium sized businesses, showing them how to create talent pipelines 8 times the size of their current workforce. 

I thrive on working with companies like Campbell Arnott's, St.George Bank, Coffey, Unisys, Westpac, Corporate Executive Board and others, on their strategies to become an Employer of Choice. 

In truth, every single company I partnered closely with became an Employer of Choice. 

Which is why they've kept me on the Employer of Choice judging panel for the last 6 years.

It's kind of my thing. 

Aside from that, I work with super talented peeps on personal and professional branding. Helping senior executives and entrepreneurs position themselves at the leading edge. 

And I love it!

LinkedIn have recognised me for my results with Talent Branding and often ask if I might speak to their people. Along with publications like Alan Kohler's Inside Business or the Financial Review. 

And I've even been nominated for the Telstra Business Women of the Year, multiple times.

I come alive working with corporate women (and some very cool men) who want to have authentic, fulfilling, limitless careers (and lives)!

But this is just what I do.

It's not who I am.

The Whole Kellie Tomney Story is more like this...

Growing up on a farm in country South Australia, where the stars are brighter and the space is wider, I had the freedom to run, dream and wonder what I would be when I grew up. It was only a matter of time before I hit the big smoke + one of my big loves (Sydney).

Then at the peak of my career, I found myself with no job, no house, no relationship and no visa all on the same day.

I found myself living and working in the US of A.

The GFC was here and all I had to show for it was a broken heart, shattered trust, deflated ego and a restless, questioning soul.

It's at this point, I founded my business.

I founded it on passion + purpose and innocently and somewhat foolishly, I had not prepared a back up plan. I had to learn the hard way how to make lemonade from lemons and grew my business from pavement to profit.

This has given me a distinct advantage in helping others. Drawing on my experience in the US with global founders + creators, and my journey of building something out of nothing (again), has gifted me the ability to help someone like you. 

Someone who wants to live and breathe the dream.

i am someone who wants to be authentic, fulfilled and limitless in my career and life

Some of the most important stuff...

I survive on COFFEE

I cannot do the work I do without Coffee. If or when we work together there will be a lot of this golden nectar and to give you a head start, I'm a Skim Latte kinda gurl. 

I thrive on LOVE.

I LOVE water and the ocean, new experiences (always planning the next holiday), modern design, new restaurants, learning, fresh flowers, ‘fun captain’ dates, modern style, fashion + finding unique buys overseas, loving + peaceful home, just being with my partner in life Garie/G family + friends over a vino and a real whole body + soul laugh.  

I am mystified by the TRUTH

When we seek it, when we speak it, when we embrace and live by it.

All kinds of magic is waiting with open arms. 

Now tell me something about YOU! I'd love to know your whole story...


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