I love to speak.

To share my work with an audience of Shapers, Creators, Leaders & Founders is bliss. 

But I confess. I much prefer implementation over motivation. It's not enough to just inspire your people, I want them taking action from the moment they leave the auditorium. 

My keynotes are as practical as they are insightful, as authentic as they are engaging. To illuminate The Whole Story for your people I bring my whole my self.

If your organisation, conference or event is looking for content and delivery that helps shape the future of work, that builds 'positive sum workplaces' and unlocks the unique talent of every individual, let's start talking.


Just you + me.

For the crazy ones, for the truly committed, for the beautiful, brave souls who want the very best from their life, work and personal brand...

I offer one on one mentoring programs to unlock and unleash your whole story.

Programs are by application only and limited to 5 people per quarter. To get the very best out of you requires the very best of me. 


what they're saying

“I’m now clear on where I am going and what is stopping me from growing. If anyone asks, I’m saying the ‘world’s best is Kellie Tomney.” 
“You've created an amazing experience for people to really get to the heart of what drives them”
mentoring 1.jpeg

Straight to the top.

Scaling authenticity makes my heart sing. 

Showing large scale, multi-national organisations and small to medium sized businesses how to become an employer of choice is my bread and butter.

Designing systems that unlock whole thinking, filling leadership pipelines and becoming a beacon for leading edge talent is vital for maintaining growth and increasing market share.

If you're looking for practical, insightful ways to elevate your company to one that identifies, recognises, and amplifies the unique talents of all of your employees then let's start talking.

what they're saying

‘Stunning, just stunning. Fantastic presentation and sessions for our global leadership team’ 
‘Your presentation was so inspiring. You have really opened my eyes up to what is possible and I’m going to do it’