The world is turned upside down.

Increasing numbers of people report to feeling overwhelmed, overworked and overlooked. They’re losing their mojo, confused by the complexity, suffocating beneath a system that doesn’t serve their whole self. 

As a result, much of our talent and organisational potential goes unrealised.

Yet these same people speak enthusiastically of their desire for purpose. They share at length their willingness to contribute, to collaborate and co-create more meaningful work. 

Here lies the opportunity. 

By cultivating an environment that encourages our uniqueness, invokes more generosity and inspires deep authenticity, we can build robust employer brands that exemplify whole thinking. 

We can build businesses that amplify and integrate the unique gifts of ourselves and our people and lay the foundation for a more successful and sustainable future all.

More upside for all.

This is the world of business I stand for, believe in and am creating.

 A world that unlocks + unleashes your authentic, fulfilling, limitless career.


what they're saying

"That's exactly what you do. I was lost in my career. I didn't know what next. You made me feel limitless and gave me the tools and mindsets to be so. I'm now on to the next stage of ever evolving limitless!"

-from lost to limitless, Career Woman.

“I just want to say that you have a special gift for bringing the best out of people. Thank you for sharing your gift with me.”

“I’m now clear on where I am going and what is stopping me from growing. If anyone asks, I’m saying the ‘world’s best is Kellie Tomney.”


What I do

Empowering the founders and creators who yearn to build careers, businesses and employer of choice brands that best represent their vision, their people and their authentic voice. 

how i do it

Dynamic Keynote presentations that challenge the status quo, strategic facilitation that inspires fresh thinking and immersive one on one mentoring that illuminates your whole self.